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About IQ Tests

How smart are you? Find out how your IQ ranks against the rest of the world. See where your mental ability falls on the IQ scale. You may be surprised at what you find out!

Discover your intelligence quotient with our free, fun online IQ test. We will give you a short set of questions that have been specifically designed and validated by professional accredit psychologists to measure IQ. Then, we will tally your score based on the percentage of questions you answered correctly in comparison to others who have taken this test.

What is an IQ score? IQ is recognized throughout the world as one of the best measures of a person's intelligence. It has been used for over a century to determine someone's ability to handle rigorous examinations, careers and many other situations. Your IQ score can give insight on your mental aptitude. An IQ score does not measure how much you currently know; instead, it measures your intellectual potential.IQ Test

Our online IQ test has been certified and rigorously tested to ensure the best possible examination experience and the most accurate IQ score. The IQ test is designed for adults who want to discover their personal intelligence quotient. This number can provide valuable information about yourself or simply be a point of pride.

Take a few minutes to challenge your mind with our demanding set of questions. After you take the test, we will provide you with your personal IQ and information about where you rank. Review your results, learn more about IQs or tell your friends – what you do with your score is up to you!

Why should you take an IQ test? To satisfy your curiosity as to how smart you really are!


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